Dr. Seidel führt viele der Schwangerschaftsabbrüche hier in Wien durch.

Dr. Johannes Seidel

Dr. Nather führt die restlichen Schwangerschaftsabbrüche in Wien durch.

Dr. Andreas Nather

Der Anästhesist Dr. Wimmer ist bei jedem Schwangerschaftsabbruch dabei und überwacht die örtliche Betäubung.

Dr. Thomas Wimmer

A Medication-based Abortion Procedure

First the team of gynaecologists from Woman & Health performs a vaginal ultrasound to determine the pregnancy. Then, during a comprehensive preparatory discussion you will receive the medication that you will take here at the center. 2 days later you will take another medication at home or – if you prefer here at our center -, a prostaglandin. From 3 – 4 hours after taking this, the abortion occurs. You should definitely spend this time quietly at home or remain at our center under a doctor’s supervision.

The accompanying pain in the lower abdomen can generally be handled very easily with common pain medication that is also used for menstrual cramps. It is important for you to come to our center for a follow-up ultrasound two weeks after taking the medication in order to confirm the complete excretion of the pregnancy. This is of utmost importance for the safe and responsible handling of this intervention.