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Termination of pregnancy and abortion

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Woman & Health has plenty of available appointment slots if you need an abortion or termination appointment!

Abortions and pregnancy terminations can also be performed on Saturdays, in case you need to avoid a scheduling conflict at work.

Due to our central location in Vienna near Schwedenplatz (U1/U4), we are easily and quickly accessible not only by Vienna's public transportation system, but also via the main train station for patients from the southern and western provinces.

For appointments you can reach us Monday to Friday at 01/5333 654 52 as well as via e-mail at office@womanandhealth.com - we check our e-mails regularly.

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You can reach us around the clock by phone, SMS, WhatsApp and signal at 0676 661 0 992. If you do not reach us immediately, we will call or write back as soon as possible and guarantee a quick & uncomplicated appointment.

Women's health continues to be our focus!

Whatever feelings an unwanted or unplanned pregnancy may trigger - there is only one right decision: namely that of our patient.

The medical team at Woman & Health offers all patients who have decided to have an abortion individual personal care, the highest level of professional competence and cutting-edge medical know-how.

We cannot and do not want to interfere in a couple's decision whether or not to have an abortion. In any case, we accept their decision with all due respect, and together we will find the most suitable form of treatment. In the last 15 years, thousands of procedures have been performed by our team under the highest quality criteria.

For your personal safety and for your maximum well-being we guarantee:

Abortion: The procedure

Appointments for abortions are available to our patients every day, from Monday to Saturday. After online or telephone registration, we will find the most suitable appointment for you, as soon as possible. You should come to this appointment having an empty stomach, i.e. 6 hours without food intake, a few sips of water are allowed. If you have a blood group card or an old maternity passport, please bring it with you. If you do not have one, we will perform a rapid rhesus test.

Your rhesus factor will show us if you need an additional rhesus prophylaxis injection. This is included in the price if necessary. At the clinic, the gynecologist and the anesthesiologist will inform you about the operation and the anesthesia. We will also inform you about the possibility of inserting a coil for future contraception during the operation (more information below).

Immediately afterwards, following an ultrasound examination, the operation will take place in our operating room. The anesthesiologist will administer a small injection of painkillers and anesthetics, which is the only thing you will feel. In the following short sleep of about 10 minutes the inside of the uterus is gently sucked out with a vacuum aspirator.

After the procedure another ultrasound examination is performed to confirm that the uterine cavity is empty. You will then be transferred to our recovery area, where you will wake up after a few minutes.

Duration of an abortion

The duration is about 10 minutes, after which the patient stays in our recovery room for about 30 minutes to a maximum of 2 hours for safe aftercare. If needed, we are available 24 hours a day.

After the abortion

After 20-30 minutes of rest in our recovery room, the patient will be discharged home after a short consultation. It is advisable that the patient is picked up, as she is not allowed to drive a vehicle on the day of the operation. The patient should take care of herself at home after the operation and eat something as soon as possible. 2 to 3 weeks after the procedure, the patient will have a check-up to make sure that her uterus has recovered and returned to its original shape by means of ultrasound.

Insertion of an IUD immediately after the abortion

Using the anesthesia of the abortion to insert an IUD is certainly an ideal time to get a completely painless and safe contraceptive method right away. This way we can support you in not getting into a similar stressful situation again soon.

Psychological care for abortion

If psychological care is desired or necessary, Laudina Pongracz, our psychotherapist in the interdisciplinary medical team of Woman & Health is available.

Abortion until the 14th week

At Woman & Health, abortion is performed up to the 14th week of pregnancy - from the first day of the last menstruation.

Ultimately, the ultrasound examination performed at our clinic is always decisive in determining whether an abortion is recommended by medication or surgery, or whether an abortion can still be performed.

Early pregnancy (until the 6th week)

The earlier the better, the smaller the pregnancy the gentler and easier the abortion. In some situations, women make the decision to have an abortion very quickly and want to perform it as soon as possible.

For this reason, Woman & Health offers an option to terminate a pregnancy surgically or medicinally at a very early stage. From a medical point of view, the earlier the procedure is performed, the easier it is and the fewer side effects it has.

IUD under anesthesia

Particularly women who have not yet had children sometimes find the insertion of an IUD very unpleasant or even painful. In principle, anesthesia is not absolutely necessary for the insertion of an IUD, but upon request we are happy to insert both copper and hormone IUDs completely painlessly under short anesthesia.

The procedure takes about five minutes and can be performed regardless of menstruation. For her personal safety, the patient remains in our recovery room for about half an hour afterwards for aftercare.

Woman & Health offers all methods of modern IUDs:

FAQ: Abortion at Woman & Health

How many abortions does your team perform each month?

We perform about 200 medication and surgical abortions at our clinic each month. Our patients tend to opt for surgical abortion.

Is the abortion performed anonymously?

Of course - all data is specially protected..

Is a consultation also possible without a subsequent abortion?

Of course you are also welcome to come to Woman & Health for a consultation regarding abortion options. In order to give you the best possible advice regarding the method, the state of the pregnancy (i.e. the gestational age) is usually determined in an ultrasound examination. However, we cannot and do not want to interfere in the decision of a couple whether to have an abortion or not.

Can I still have a child after having had an abortion?

This is one of the most common questions asked by women, because the myth that a woman cannot get pregnant after an abortion is still present today. The facts are: Fertility is not affected after an abortion – as long as it is performed in a medically correct manner using a suction curettage. The woman can become pregnant again immediately after the abortion.

Is it possible to have an abortion more than once without it becoming dangerous?

If an abortion is performed carefully and according to medical standards with a suction curettage, there is no medical limit to the number of possible abortions. Of course, multiple unwanted pregnancies should be avoided by using a safe contraceptive method – we are happy to advise on this as well.

When should I start using contraception again after an abortion?

The day of the abortion is considered the first day of the new cycle. The next ovulation takes place two to three weeks after the abortion.

Of course, you can become pregnant again immediately if you do not use safe contraception! You should start using hormonal contraception right on the day of the surgical abortion. In order to provide long-term safe contraception, we can also insert an IUD or hormonal coil in the course of the surgical abortion, which is particularly suitable if you wish to use contraception for a longer period of time. In the case of medication abortion, you start using a hormonal contraceptive method of your choice on the day of the abortion – at the onset of bleeding.

What are the most common complications of abortion?

In principle, depending on the week of pregnancy, abortion is a rather minor procedure, thus complications are very rare. In our clinic, surgical abortions are always performed under the highest safety and quality criteria by experienced gynecologists and anesthesiologists.

In the rarest of cases, there is more severe bleeding or postpartum hemorrhage, which can usually be treated with medication without any more problems. Occasional postoperative infections occurring in the first week after the abortion are treated with antibiotics. Rarely, remnants of the pregnancy are found in the uterine cavity after the procedure. These usually dissolve on their own and are bled off; only in very few cases another suction curettage has to be performed.

Extremely rare complications are injuries to the uterine wall. If these are recognized immediately, they are harmless and easily manageable.

Our team is available 24 hours a day, including Sundays and public holidays, on the emergency hotline. We are always here for our patients.

Is there bleeding and pain after the abortion?

After the abortion, there is usually bleeding of an irregular intensity, which becomes weaker in the following days and finally stops altogether. Occasionally, bleeding is very light or non-existent after the procedure, then a return of heavier bleeding even after a few days is not uncommon.

Regular pain after the abortion for 1-2 days is completely normal and can be managed well with conventional painkillers. However, if you experience more severe pain or fever, please contact us at any time and we can perform a check-up.


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24h-emergency & weekend hotline

You can reach us around the clock by phone, SMS, WhatsApp and signal at 0676 661 0 992. If you do not reach us immediately, we will call or write back as soon as possible and guarantee a quick & uncomplicated appointment.

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