Dr. Seidel führt viele der Schwangerschaftsabbrüche hier in Wien durch.

Dr. Johannes Seidel

Dr. Nather führt die restlichen Schwangerschaftsabbrüche in Wien durch.

Dr. Andreas Nather

Der Anästhesist Dr. Wimmer ist bei jedem Schwangerschaftsabbruch dabei und überwacht die örtliche Betäubung.

Dr. Thomas Wimmer

Intrauterine Spiral or Copper Chain

Similar to the morning-after-pill an “intrauterine spiral or copper chain" works after unprotected intercourse.

Inserting a spiral or copper chain within 5 days after unprotected coitus reliably protects against a possible pregnancy. The intrauterine spiral is best suited for women who are looking, aside from emergency protection, for a longer term safe contraception.

Taking a special tablet one hour before implanting the spiral or copper chain is useful since it widens the uterus neck and the placement of the spiral is then felt to be relatively painless – especially outside of the period.

Upon individual request the placement of the copper or hormone spiral or copper chain can also be performed under a very mild narcosis. The procedure is then completely painless and takes about 5 minutes. The patient rests for about 20 minutes afterward in our recovery room for follow-up care.