Dr. Seidel führt viele der Schwangerschaftsabbrüche hier in Wien durch.

Dr. Johannes Seidel

Dr. Nather führt die restlichen Schwangerschaftsabbrüche in Wien durch.

Dr. Andreas Nather

Der Anästhesist Dr. Wimmer ist bei jedem Schwangerschaftsabbruch dabei und überwacht die örtliche Betäubung.

Dr. Thomas Wimmer

Abortion up to the 14th Week

At Woman & Health pregnancy abortion is performed up until the 14th week of pregnancy – starting with the first day of the last menstruation.

Early Pregnancy (up to the 6th week)

In some situations women make their decision for an abortion very quickly and then want to have it performed as quickly as possible as well.

For this reason Woman & Health offers the option to end a pregnancy at a very early stage either surgically or with medications. From a medical point of view the intervention is also easier and has fewer side effects the early it takes place.

Spiral under Anaesthesia

During an abortion it is also possible to place a spiral in case there is a desire for longer term contraception.

Anaesthesia is not necessarily required for placing a spiral but upon request or under specific circumstances the placement of a copper or hormone spiral can also occur under brief anaesthesia.

The intervention takes about five minutes and can even be performed during menstruation. For your personal safety the patient stays in our recovery room for follow-up care for about half an hour afterwards.